How to Create Meaningful Workshops

How to Create Meaningful Workshops

– Make a name's list
– Post on social media
– Beg your friends and family for referrals
– Feed the mind positivity. Go work on yourself. Get mad at the law of attraction cause this ain’t working
– Post some more on social media
– Quit
– Nvm... Resolve you’ll never give up
– Run around in circles doing pointless stuff everyone else teaches you to do
– Ugly cry cause it still ain't working
– Be more “positive”. Hustle harder. Tell everyone you’re more successful than you are
– Contemplate quitting again, this time for real though… you can’t take it anymore
– See everyone else ranking up, winning cars, and selling like crazy
– Attend a networking event
– Try one more time to make it work because, well, “If they can do it, you can do it.”
– Accidentally take a 6 month break (whoops!)
– Cost of living goes up
– Grab the ice-cream
– That’s it, game over…
– Stay broke
– Never retire
– Sad


Attend this workshop instead and save yourself from the agony. 😂

But seriously though....

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