#VNE.... This is just another platform for ministry, what is the big deal?

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It's 4 a.m. and my mind is clouded with so many thoughts. I typically am "unbothered" by critics and those who don't understand the who and why of VaShaun aka JustVaShaun aka Minister VaShaun. But I have to get this off my chest so I can finally put my mind to rest.

For those who don't know in 2013 I created a platform alongside my mother called, Conversations of a Mother and Daughter. I understood that ministry for us would not be your typical pulpit and conference type ministry. So God would use different avenues to use us for His glory.

The genesis of Conversations of a Mother and Daughter started on www.blogtalkradio.com/vashaunmosby. What was the purpose? To create a different avenue for ministry. God placed so many things on our hearts and wanted to use a different path to get our words to the world. We created about 8-10 online radio broadcasts that touched many across the region.

From there I built our next platform which was YouTube, www.youtube.com/ImVaShaun. We recorded videos. We discussed hard issues on our broadcasts. We reached a broader audience because our audience didn't just hear us like on BlogTalkRadio, they actually watched us in person.

From there we moved to television. Our YouTube broadcasts air currently on television 3 times a week in Central Kentucky. God let me know that this was the beginning. He let me know what my next steps were. I journaled them and went forward in 2015.

In 2015, I learned how to build my own platform instead of using other platforms to get the word of God out. That platform happens to be VaShaun Nicole Enterprises, www.vashaunnicole.com. Through this business platform I am able to provide a space to heard on a broader level. I didn't go into this business to get rich, this is yet another platform for ministry.

How? Through my publishing house I can publish the books of myself, my mother and those who wish to get their words to the public. My mother and I have a bevy of books that deal with all types of ministry issues.

Through my social media consulting I can teach people what we did to get in front of people. There was a method that others may not know of. Some people may need to know how to reach their churches and target audiences better. I can offer my help to get their voices heard.

So all of the branding and work is yet another way to get the word of God out. It is unconventional and new to the area. Because of this critics are literally falling out of the sky! We took an alternative route to get the word of God to the kingdom in an unorthodox way and it has been met with all kinds of resistance. Some believe we are branding to push ourselves. While they ignorantly speak and don't realize this is what we have always done. Instead of using a platform like BlogTalk, YouTube or Television, we built our own platform and stand on it.

Last year the Lord told me to start blogging about my experience while dating. So many young women asked me how I dated as minister. This was interesting thought and has yet to be addressed from my standpoint. This was an issue that was a big issue to some. I understood this would be the newest unorthodox avenue for ministry, but I was up for the challenge. I have received many inboxes and emails from people all of the state. I praise God for all the lives that we have been able to touch.

I just hope going forward that people won't be blinded by their own self-built ideologies. I don't attack anyone for being in their lane. But I also won't accept anyone attacking me while I am in mine. More than anything I hope people hear my heart. I am doing what God told me to do. I speak to my Pastor about what I do and we go forward. I won't apologize for God giving us a strategy. He gave us a strategy that resulted in a brand and business that will serve as yet another platform to stand on as we go forward with Kingdom business. We will continue to write books, blog, appear on television and radio as God allows. I refuse to address this another day. We have taken an unorthodox Kingdom approach to do what God told us to do. We weren't called to Pastor and open a church. We are Evangelists that work with our church to bring the word of God to those who may not ever grace a pew. This isn't anti-church, this is pro-Kingdom. I hope people will recognize the bigger picture so we can continue to do what God has called us to do.

Please continue to pray for us and we will do the same for you. Thank you for reading.






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