A Fool's Wife to Kings Bride - She Didn't See Where He Was, She Saw Where He's Going.

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New Blog Series – A Fool’s Wife to a King’s Bride

Session I - She didn’t see where he was,she saw where he’s going…

A Fool’s Wife to a King’s Bride. Which one are you? Are in position to go from a fool’s wife to a king’s bride? Does your life reflect the palace tendencies needed to sustain you at the next level? Does your life reflect foolish behavior that may have you stuck in a foolish place? Are you stuck in a foolish place with a foolish man? In this blog series we will take a journey with to find what is our DNA, David, Nabal or Abigail. We have to dissect the hidden areas in our lives that prevent us from moving from a fool’s wife to a king’s bride.

This blog lesson comes out of I Samuel 25. We have 3 characters that we will address in this series – David, Nabal and Abigail. The character we will focus on today is David.

I will give you the VaShaun Version of this bible story. David is in his “outlaw” years and was running from the murderous King Saul. David had his peoples with him. 600 men to be exact. They took refuge in the wilderness of Paran near Carmel. This is also the spot where the wealthy man Nabal pastured his sheep and goats. David and his boys looked out for Nabal and kept an eye out for his flocks. They didn’t have to do it. And honestly, they could’ve taken a goat or two because they were on the run anyway. Well its shearing season and a time for celebration. David thought Nabal should look out for him and his peoples because they looked out for his flock. So David sent some of his boys over to Nabal and said can we celebrate with you? Can we eat? What about some wool? Well Nabal was not here for that. Not only was he not here for that, Nabal mocked, ridiculed and questioned his character and anointing as future king. Who are you? Jesse’s son? A slave? What do you want? Well you know David was heated. And said not only will I kill Nabal, his whole family has to go. Well one of Nabal’s people told his wife Abigail what was about to go down. Abigail had to do something and fast, so she prepares a gift for David, taking 200 loaves of bread, two skins of wine, five butchered sheep, a bushel of roasted grain, 100 clusters of raisins, and 200 cakes of pressed figs, and loaded them on donkeys to deliver to David and his men. Listen Linda, she played no games. She made sure she came to David correct, do you hear me? Not only did she prepare a big boy feast, she begged him to spare her husband’s life.

Now this will be the focus of our lesson today. Notice what Abigail says in 1 Samuel 25:23-24 HCSB

When Abigail saw David, she quickly got off the donkey and fell with her face to the ground in front of David. She fell at his feet and said, “The guilt is mine, my lord, but please let your servant speak to you directly. Listen to the words of your servant.

Now it’s interesting that Abigail fell to her face in front of David, plead her case and she said my lord.

When you see the term LORD entirely capitalized, it will be in the Old Testament and is translating the Hebrew word for the name of God - YHWH, or Yahweh (Biblical Hebrew has no vowels, only consonant letters). The reason for this is that the Ten Commandments forbid anyone to misuse the name of Yahweh. When you encounter the word lord in all lower case; it is simply a reference to a human ruler.

Now this is the interesting part. David was not yet king when Abigail called him lord. In fact, David wasn’t anointed king until 2 Samuel 5:3. The current story takes place in I Samuel 25:23.

It is also interesting that Abigail would call him lord. This is the same David that was running from Saul, living in the wilderness scared for his life.

But this is also the same David that instructed 10 young men to approach Nabal on his behalf.

So this tells me that a man can have royal qualities, a man can have a king’s anointing on his life, but it takes a woman to see who he is and recognize who he is.

Abigail already had a rich man, but she had enough discernment to recognize the king in David.

David was ready to kill Nabal and all his people, but she had enough insight to look past that and see a man that deserved honor.

Ladies if you are currently in a relationship do you see a king in your man?

If you are single are you seeking a man that has king qualities or are you falling for a fool with a lot of money?

Yes, he takes care of his kids. He keeps you in cute shoes and you keep a 26” Yaki #4 but does he have king qualities or is he just a fool with a lot of money?

Do you overlook his ignorant ways because the money is right?

What if you are missing out on the man that God ordained for you because you blinded by the riches?

It may not even be monetary riches. But what if it is the riches of status, the riches of position, the riches of influence. Wealth is not just not money.

The definition of wealth includes an abundance of valuable possessions – affluence, prosperity, means, capital, and resources.

So maybe the reason that you are single because you blinded by a man that can offer you resources but he can’t make a queen.

Hold on let me take a sip of this tea….

Maybe he can give you diamonds but he can’t give you a crown.

He can give you riches but he can’t give you a position.

It was important that Abigail was able to see, recognize and honor the king in David. Because later on in the chapter, her husband Nabal dies. Guess who rolls up on her?

I Samuel 25:39 says when David heard that Nabal was dead, he said, “Praise the Lord who championed my cause against Nabal’s insults and restrained His servant from doing evil. The Lord brought Nabal’s evil deeds back on his own head.” Then David sent messengers to speak to Abigail about marrying him. When David’s servants came to Abigail at Carmel, they said to her, “David sent us to bring you to him as a wife.

David remembered Abigail when he became king.

So that tells me the seeds you sow today are important. Sometimes your perfect man may not come in package that you want off top.

Or he may come in a package but it isn’t addressed for you.

He could have a lot of money or resources, but he can’t give you a crown.

Ladies it is absolutely important to have a measure of spirituality if you are to be found by the man that God has for you.

You don’t see anywhere in this story that Abigail went after David. She honored what she saw in him. In return he came back and made her his queen.

So VaShaun what is the practical application of this message today?

  1. Discernment is key.

Discernment only comes through a relationship with Christ. People can give you information but only God can provide the revelation. You can only recognize revelation through your relationship with God. You have to be able to discern what is God and what is you.

  1. Don’t fall for a man who can just give you diamonds, fall for a man that can give you a crown.

Money is cool. Resources are cool. But being placed in a queen’s position is priceless. Wait for the man that sees you as priceless and makes you his queen.

Do you want to be a fool’s wife or a king’s bride? Ladies the choice is yours. Choose wisely. Your future depends on it.


~VaShaun Nicole

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